CyberShamanic Dance Waves
(Freeform Conscious Ecstatic Trance Dance Events)

Express your Soul's Divinity
through the Body Temple

featuring all original Electronic Dance music by
Music by ShapeshifterDNA


Music by G-Mage

Cybershamanic, Ambient, Electronic, Space, New Age, Trance, Psychedelic, Dub, Wobble, Dubstep, Techno, Chill, Rave, House, Psy, Goa

Offering Conscious Dance Waves Events and Transformational Music Mixes for Dance Teachers of 5 Rhythms, Trance Dance, Sweat Your Prayers, Dance Church, Dances of Spirit, Ecstatic Dance, Contact Improv and any other Free Form Dance Movement Meditation Events

Dance your Soul

Dance your Spirit

Dance your Light

Dance your Inner Peace

Dance your Unique Self





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The rhythm is below me
The rhythm of the heat
The rhythm is around me
The rhythm has control
The rhythm is inside me
The rhythm has my soul
~Peter Gabriel, The Rhythm of the Heat



...a collaborative creation of

Creative Evolution through Multidimensional Music & Sound

All Original Music by: ShapeshifterDNA & G.Mage

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Conscious Dance for Awakening Spirits
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